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Welcome to Cherry Gulch Therapeutic Boarding School for Boys

Learn Differently and Live Your Best Life

Located on 220 acres outside of Boise Idaho, Cherry Gulch is a private clinically oriented therapeutic boarding school for boys ages 10 to 14. If you are looking for a school for young men ages 14 to 18, our neighboring therapeutic school Novitas Academy can help, click here. Our picturesque ranch setting lends itself to our staff and students as we work together to provide early intervention and prevention. Our goal is to help our students realize their full potential and become well-rounded, pro-social young men. Cherry Gulch combines an ideal environment with superior treatment programs. Our clinical expertise and academic resources allow us to accept students that other less sophisticated programs cannot serve. Families find what they have been desperately searching for from the staff, therapists and environment at Cherry Gulch.

“We enroll families. This separates us from our competitors and illuminates our desire to not only work with the boy but also the family.”
~ Bernie Zimmerman, COO of Cherry Gulch & Novitas Academy

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Qualification Criteria

Our Mission

Our mission is to reinvest students in the learning process through individual, dynamic, multi-sensory
education so that students can develop into independent and organized learners, problem solvers and effective communicators. Our students enjoy activities like white water rafting, ziplining, and go on excursions to places like Peru. After completing the necessary tasks for the day, including morning chores, hygiene, school, and therapy, the students are then able to participate in sports and activities such as: martial arts, biking, horseback riding, triathlon training and more.

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Our program provides individualized educational and treatment plans for each boy and varied real-life experiences to help them overcome their challenges.

Interventions for each boy include:

Highly compassionate 1:4 staff-to-student ratio
Family Involvement and a Strong Parenting Program
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
Wide Variety of Activities and Learning Experiences
Individual, Group, and Family Psychotherapy with Experienced Doctorate & Master’s Level Therapists
Fully Accredited Educational Program, All Credits Earned are Fully Transferable
Medication Monitoring by a Licensed Psychiatrist
Involvement in Clubs, Scouting, Leadership and Ranch Activities
Benefits of a Large School Within a Small School Atmosphere
Character Development with a Focus on Growth, Success and Happiness
Individual Academic Plans (IAP) that Assist in Making and Obtaining Goals
PLATO Learning Environment (PLE) that Gives our Students the Opportunity to Make-Up Credits on an Accelerated Pace

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